The Goals of The CannaClub are:

a. Firstly to: Educate, Cultivate, Share and Consume high quality organic Cannabis medicinally, recreationally, spiritually, socially, privately and legally.

b. Secondly to: LAUNCH, PROMOTE, EDUCATE, TRANSFER THE SKILLS AND ASSETS REQUIRED, AND TO ACTIVELY ENABLE The Insangu Development Corporation and the African Agricultural Awakening, especially in terms of our local communities and our Community transformation projects.

c. To establish an Insangu model regional hub for others to follow and improve on which willl allow for the development of Black growers, Club owners and regional hub owners in many regions. Once a working model has been established, the profits if any, will be for the development of more such regional hubs.

d. Together with the main goals the Club is providing various African Agricultural Awakening initiatives, which are aimed to generate employment opportunities, as well as rapid sustainable community advancement and empowerment

See this section on our website for the latest information on these initiatives.