Directly supporting our local Garden Route Communities with various clearly defined strategies and support structures, and with a continuous effort  to partnerships with government and private sector/ community sponsors.


If you are from the Garden route area this is how The CannaClub in partnership with APMS & GREEN Herizon may assist you:

a. Initially:
i. Contact the Club and set up a meeting with some Management Committee members to outline what you wish to do. If we are in agreement with your plan 2 of our committee members will do an onsite inspection of around 2 hours and give suggestions/ information during this time….If you are from a marginalized community this is free, if not it costs R600. 

 If you want a formal rapport of our findings and suggestions it costs R800 per rapport.

b. Assistance during establishment: 

Through our members and Co-op partners we are able to offer:

Provision of high quality and variety of feminized Strains / Cloned seedlings.

Provision of Compost.

Establishment of worm-farm and provision of starter worms.

Establishment of Comfrey beds.

Quotations for all establishment/ infrastructure upgrades including:
   - Irrigation installation: Tank, pump, timer and Drip lines ……….
   - Eco wise Cloning / Seedling stations.
   - Eco wise Greenhouse/ Nursery solutions.

c. Assistance during Cultivation:

 One free inspection if you qualify, and R600 thereafter, or per inspection if not.  

If formal rapports are required they are at R800 per rapport.

 Provision of worm/ Comfrey and other organic tea concentrates for those that do not have their own. These are at Club rates.

Emergency call-outs at R600 per 2 hour call-out. R800 per rapport if required.

d. Assistance during harvesting, drying/ curing/ processing:

Please contact the Scissor Sisters through APMS or their Facebook Page.

The Scissor Sisters have been trained & empowered by The CannaClub in order to swiftly & expertly process your dried material.

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