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Not everyone has the inclination/ time/ skills/ knowledge/ space/ soil/ security/ water/ health or permission to grow their own medicinal or recreational organic Cannabis. Furthermore there is the question of harvesting/ drying/ curing/ packaging/ trimming and storage of the produce to be considered. Finally the question of availability of high value female strains.  Due to the above reasons many, especially those who rely on Cannabis for medicinal use, will elect to appoint a Private Social Cannabis Club to provide the gardening & processing services as mentioned on their behalf.

The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op supports all advancement of the Cannabis culture & movement. Therefore The CannaClub supports all Private Social Cannabis Clubs/ Cultivators and all plausible Private Social Cannabis Club models including those of: Grow One Africa/ Fields of Green/ The Haze Club... Even though the legality of some of these models still have to be, or are currently being tested in a Court of Law. 

The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op itself however only conforms to a basic Private Social Cannabis Club model which is fully legal in the current South African environment, and which must therefore conform to several principals which are defined below, according to our understanding, and therefore is so defined in the Constitution of The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op: 

1) With all due respect to Ras Gareth Prince and Jeremy Acton : In a ground-breaking move in September 2018, the Constitutional Court of South Africa ruled that the prohibition of the personal use and cultivation of Cannabis, by adults, in private spaces is unconstitutional. The court gave the government two years to amend the offending parts of the South African 1992 Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act.

2) Therefore from the above it is legal for an adult to cultivate & consume Cannabis in a private space. What is legal for the singular is also legal for the collective, as based on the Constitution of South Africa since every citizen has the right to freedom of association with any other party or Members of a Club.

3) South African current legal environment for Private Social Cannabis Clubs:

a) You are allowed to Cultivate and consume Cannabis in a private space, and to do so as a collective or Private Social Cannabis Club/ micro Club on a private Club space. This implies that cultivation, processing and consumption must all happen on this same private space.

b) No minors may be involved in such a Club or with any Cannabis consumption.

c) You may not buy or sell any Cannabis produce. Plant Management fees for cultivation & processing may be reimbursed, if so defined by a Club Constitution in advance, and if all such transactions are fully traceable and accountable,  as well as audited yearly, so as to conform with standard business practices in terms of taxation (SARS), labour law, etc.

d) You may not courier/ transport any Cannabis produce, unless in small quantities from one private space to another private space by discreet transportation. (the exact quantity for private discreet possession has not been defined yet, see point h.)

e) You can’t sign up Members online or do online transactions as these Members are not in your private space, and you can not confirm their identifcation documents, as well as their understanding of the Club Constitution.

f) You may not do any secondary processing/ extraction unless SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority) certified and in a certified food grade environment.

g) An institution may not advertise any form of smoking on social media platforms.

h) The Private Cannabis Consumption Bill is expected to provide further clarity regarding quantities for private cultivation/ discreet possession once promulgated.

i) Stokvels are invitation-only clubs of twelve or more people serving as rotating credit unions or saving/ sharing schemes in South Africa.

j) The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op complies to all the above .


4. International Standards for Private Social Cannabis Clubs

a) Private Social Cannabis Clubs was founded in the U.S.A during prohibition as a method for Members to collectively cultivate & consume Cannabis legally. This went across to Europe where it was formulated as ENCOD (European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies - The European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies, originally European NGO Council On Drugs and development is a network of European non-governmental organisations concerned with the impact of current international drug policies on the lives of the most affected sectors in Europe and the Global South. Since 1994 they have been working to advocate more just and effective drug control policies, which include an integrated solution for all problems related to the global drugs phenomenon. In 2011, the Code of conduct for a European Cannabis Social Club was published, the basic structural rules of non-profit and transparency, that is used by more than 500 Private Social Cannabis Clubs in Spain, Belgium, Czech republic, United Kingdom, France etc.

b) The CannaClub ( is the oldest Encod based Private Social Cannabis Club in South Africa that we are aware of and this means that The Club:

i) Is non profit based, with clear rapid economic transformation & empowerment strategies, Blog site, educational YouTube channel, free education/ training options and many other community advancement efforts.
ii) Has no offsite growers/ cultivation contractors, and flowers a maximum of one organic strain specific Cannabis tree per member at any stage, on the DankiPa Eco Estate, where processing & consumption also occurs.
iii) Does not sign on members online.

iv) Does not charge any Membership fees. 
v) Does not provide delivery or courier services.
vi) Does not do any secondary processing.
vii) Do not have dealers or franchises.
iix) Does not advertise any Cannabis products. Our Media efforts are concentrated on promoting educational South African Cannabis culture & eco wise Cannabis Cultivation solutions.

5. South African Social Responsibility for Private Cannabis Clubs

Since it’s establishment in 2015 the Vision statement of The CannaClub via it’s Constitution have been the following:

“The Vision of The CannaClub is to facilitate meaningful and lasting ways in order to redress some of the imbalances of the past and to address the current and future challenges to an integrated harmonious, educated, peaceful, thankful, healthy, spiritual and thriving society, by empowering deprived communities through” :

a) No Membership Fees which means that our most vulnerable Members of society are not excluded at The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op.



i) The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op through it's Co-Op Partners has been providing FREE 
Cultivation consultations
every Friday from 09:00 - 11:00 since October 2020, in the Garden with Weedin (which is the Club's organic outdoor grow patch) and will continue to do so.​

ii) The CannaClub through it's Media Partner & Club Ambassador have been providing an educational YouTube series that is focussed on South African Cannabis culture, as well as eco-wise cultivation solutions for Africa. In this regard, more than 40 YouTube episodes are already in existence - (YouTube Channel link) - with a commitment to provide additional episodes on a bi-weekly basis. All other social platforms have been developed to reflect the above.​

iii) The CannaClub’s partners are committed to providing educational workshops through our Winter Academy : The CannaCademy between April - November of each year, where free sponsorships for black candidates are available. The CannaCademy will be providing workshops from May 2022 at the Cheeba Cultivation Academy Plettenberg Bay. The agreement with all parties concerned is that two attendees will be sponsored with all workshop sessions. These sponsored attendees will be from the disadvantaged communities, and the House of Rastafari, local empowering agents, as well as the Plettenberg Bay Municipality will be invited to provide candidates.​​​

iv) The Cheeba Cannabis Cultivation Academy offers Cheeba Africa accredited Cannabis cultivation courses. During 2021 the Cheeba Africa signature 3-month course was offered, and for 2022 a whole range of 1 week courses are under development, ranging from beginner to intermediate & advanced, where free sponsorships for deserving students are also planned


The following Empowment partnerships have been established and more information is available here



i) All Co-Op partners of The CannaClub started off as volunteers, providing their skills /  time / expertise / investment / commitment in pursuing a common passion & goals which are reflected by the Constitution of The CannaClub.

ii) All partners of The CannaClub must conform to the social responsibility requirements of The CannaClub’s Constitution, which are the following :

Any partners as defined in The CannaClub’s constitution, must have the required skills. 

Should they in turn require any other workers such workers will be in the following ratio: 50% or more will be SBM's (single black mothers) such as the ScissorSisters, as these are the highest category of unemployed in South Africa. 30% or more will be South Africans and a maximum of 20% may be other Africans or International skilled experts.

iii) The CannaClub is proud to be associated with it’s Co-Op Partners which are listed below, more information can be found here.




• In terms of fulfilling our Rapid Economic Transformation initiatives. These are based on 3 different African Agricultural Awakening strategies. The development of The Scissor Sisters, The House of Rastafari Growers Co-Op, and the Insangu Development Corporation, are the prime drives. More information is available on this website about these initiatives and how you can support them which can be found here.

 The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op is blessed to have more than 2000 members at present and is fast approaching the ability to Cultivate the maximum amount of plants in flower (Which is 1000 as defined by our Growers Mandate in our Constitution). 


 Instead of expanding we want to pass these opportunities on to emerging Scissor Sister Processors & Trimmers, House of Rastafari Contract Cultivation & Care Givers, black owned Insangu Development Corporation Private Social Cannabis Clubs, as well as black owned Insangu Development Corporation Regional Cannabis Processing Hubs as per the government master plan.



The CannaClub is blessed to have a resident Medicinal Cannabis Consultant with over 20 years of experience with Cannabis medication and who is a registered Traditional healer Johan Roux .

Mr JW Roux is a lecturer for Cheeba Africa, and is currently training a Scissor Sister to become a traditional healer’s assistant. He is also currently developing a short course specifically aimed at traditional healers with regards to Cannabis extraction.

The CannaClub refers all medicinal enquiries to Mr. JW Roux as we do not have the knowledge to provide medicinal consultation/ prescription/ advice as per partnership agreement.