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Dear Geneticist,


We are honoured to be in a position to contact you - our esteemed and acknowledged SA breeders of excellent genetics - to offer alliance possibilities and would also like to take this opportunity to introduce the CannaClub and their cultivation partner APMS (Ahead Plant Management Services).


Currently The CannaClub caters for over 1000 members that can withdraw Stokvel Stock from the Club by reimbursing on plant management fees. Please find more information at your leisure at The Club and its partners are are looking at expanding existing growing, vegetation, processing and packaging facilities in the near future, so as to augment our current outdoor / greenhouse grow capabilities.


The CannaClub and its partners are dedicated to growing the finest quality/strains Cannabis for our members and therefore have dedicated the time and effort it takes to Pheno-Hunt, so as to build stock that agrees with our unique climate and growing conditions on the Southern Coast. Being proudly South African The CannaClub envisages growing Cannabis solely bred by SA’s best breeders. In order to make this a reality we appeal to your favourable consideration of our humble proposal.


Currently our outdoor grow area is divided into 7 blocks each containing specific strains, or rows of specific strains. We hope in the near future to dedicate grow-blocks solely to South African Cannabis breeders, proudly branded. We also hope to become the only Club in South Africa to promote, grow and provide, on the same premises, solely SA genetics to its members. As The Club is ultimately limited by its Constitution and physical abilities, mainly that we will not expand or franchise, it is an essential part of our long term strategy to establish a unique, Garden Route identity & value offering.


In this regard we appeal to you, the breeder... The CannaClub along with APMS is dedicated to growing only the best pheno-types from plants that have been acclimated to our unique grow conditions, and hunting for those specific breeders’ strains that best satisfies our members. APMS has been approached in the past to be ‘test-growers’ for breeders, and following great success wish to present this service to our SA geneticists.


Ideally, from our perspective, we are looking for South African breeders to sponsor/donate seeds, either to be test-grown, or for pheno-acclimation. Detailed record keeping is a standard in pheno-hunting and The CannaClub and its partners guarantee reporting, as to your requirements, and our agreement thereupon, back to the Breeders.


Branding opportunities also exist as grow-blocks dedicated to Breeders will be clearly branded with breeder’s trademarks. The CannaClub also aspires to stock the specific breeder’s strains in seed, that The Club is growing for its members, so that members do not only have to withdraw Flower, but also have the option to purchase seeds of their favourite strains from their favourite South African Breeders to grow themselves.


Cuttings will not be distributed to any third party,unless otherwise agreed, and therefore will only be available in bud or seed (packaged by the breeder) form from the Club.

In this way the stock that is available from the Club will be seen during and after cultivation, can be tasted/sampled, and be bought in seed form, by the Club’s members. The final products, as withdrawn by members, will also be clearly branded with Breeder’s trademarks and strain names. Members deliver constant feedback to The Club regarding withdrawn stock, therein creating a fantastic assessment and reporting platform.


The CannaClub’s CannaTours tourism program ensures further exposure for the Breeders that participate, as tours through the Grow will guide the visitors to each branded and clearly signposted grow-block, where the strains are individually discussed. Further branding and advertising opportunities will be awarded to participating breeders where trademarks and branding will be employed on various websites and social media platforms in return for seed sponsorships/donations.


We would love to hear your comments and or questions on the above and look forward to further communication. We would also like to extend an invitation for your company’s management/representatives to contact us.

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