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  1. The goals of TCC Stokvel are to: Medicate, Educate, Inspire and Empower.


  1. As such The CannaClub Stokvel has developed and are continuously supporting the following already viable and successful black owned startup companies which are now key service providers of The CannaClub: 

    1. The Scissor Sisters - Processing & Packaging Services. More information about The Scissor Sisters can be found here

    2. Black Joint - Club House Management Services. More information about Black Joint can be found here.

    3. First Nation Organics - Organic farming. Irrigation, Cultivation & Infrastructure technicians. More information about First Nation Organics can be found here.

    4. Currently under development - Quadi Cannatours - Cannabis tours to Judah Square and to the CannaClub.


  1. The CannaClub Stokvel has developed the following Cannabis industry educational & skills development partnerships:

    1. Department of Trade and industry ( DTI) through Ithunga development - 10 x 1 year internships with gov stipend student support.

    2. Department of labor, through Misuyolo Pty. Ltd. - 30 x 3 month skills development internships with gov support per year.

    3. Cheeba Africa - Regional office - leading formal Cannabis Varsity in Africa - 1 month Cheeba Africa internships.

    4. The Bitou Municipality with regards to assistance to several small black owned start up companies.

    5. The above can be confirmed by Misuyolo Pty Ltd  - Runeetha 072 812 9988, and by contacting Linda Siboto - 073 196 6793 of Cheeba Africa, or I.t.o of the Plettenberg Bay Municipality, the info can be  confirmed the with Phakamile Sibezo - 072 543 9502. You can also follow this link to see a video regarding Regional Cannabis Development attended by national department heads and find many such Skills indabas on our social media platforms -

    6. SA Government shows support for Cannabis skills development!


  1. In addition constant and proactive championing of The CannaClub’s social responsibility to help with redressing the imbalances of the past is maintained by:

    1. Establishing empowerment opportunities for black people in the Cannabis industry. 

    2. Providing free onsite cultivation workshops every Friday between 09:00- 11:00:

    3. Promoting, empowering and enabling other micro-, small- and medium-sized Private Cannabis Clubs and the full value chain behind or in support of them, throughout SA in a manner that reduces criminality, and engenders the responsible and conscious, healthy and safe, private and engaged cultivation and consumption of Cannabis, while building community and promoting personal development and positive socio - cultural cohesion.

    4. By providing free online Cannabis Cultivation Courses that can be found  here.

    5. Through Community projects: The main focus of TCC community projects are to assist Community Co-Ops, Growers, Processors and startup Clubs and to ensure that they have high value strains. Some photos of such activities can be found here. The latest Community empowerment proposal for the Bitou Municipality can be found here.

  2. Continuous improvement of the operations, administration,  maintenance, quality of the products, value offering and the social experience at The CannaClub;

  3. Education of members about the health, legal risks and benefits associated with the private cultivation and consumption of Cannabis.

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