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To the Esteemed Institutes of Higher Learning,


It is the Pleasure of the CannaClub, Plettenberg Bay in collaboration with its partners to volunteer its facilities on the DankiPa Eco-Estate to members of Faculties, or Departments that may have need for, or be interested in such facilities, for study purposes, as they may be required or arise. The CannaClub is the oldest Encod based private social Cannabis Club in S.A. that we are aware of, with a 450 plant grow operation, including propagation, nursery, curing, and processing facilities… focusing on Organic- cultivation, pest control and supplementation.


The CannaClub is blessed to have more than 1000 members at present and is well on its way to having the ability and capacity to cultivate the maximum amount of trees in flower that our Constitution permits. (This would be 400 Sungrown, 400 Green House and 200 Aquaponic – all organic Cannabis). The opportunities in all sectors created by this scale are made available to you, by us. As a non-profit organisation it is not the aim of The CannaClub to generate any profit from our future collaboration.


With great interest in the educational and scientific dimensions of this miraculous plant, and of its applications, The CannaClub, Plettenberg Bay along with its partners supports all study for better understanding, and the institutions that offer and lead such studies; specifically, on Organic Cannabis with the Garden Route Ecology in mind. As such an open invitation is presented to your institution and it’s staff who may wish to approach us for means in which we may assist in providing established organic Cannabis cultivation knowledge and produce.


Please feel free to inspect the website to better understand what we do, and contact The CannaClub with what we may have to offer your institution, or to set up an introductory tour of the Club’s facilities. The CannaClub looks forward to working with all Educational Institutions in South Africa and welcomes the ideas of our top educators.

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