1. The Club does not buy or sell any Cannabis product. 


2. Membership is FREE.

3. By signing up as a Member of The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op :

a. You authorise The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op to  flower one strain specific Cannabis plant, on your  behalf, at any stage, as part of the Stokvel / Communal  Members Stock.

b. You commit to reimburse the Co-Op Partners for the plant management & processing fees, as defined by The Club Constitution, if you are satisfied with the product, and wish to withdraw from the Stokvel stock as a Member of The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op.

4. You need to read and understand the Club Manifesto, which can be found on, as well as in the waiting area of the Club House, and must be 18 years or older, to sign up as a Member.

5. You must sign up in person, at the Club House, in front of a Club House Manager to prove your existence, ID, and understanding of our Club Manifesto.

6. Club Members may not withdraw more than 100 Gram of dried flower from the Stokvel stock on any specific day.

7. The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op is a Non-Profit Organization, see Club Manifesto for more information.


Critique about having more than 1000 Members :

We often hear that we should limit our Members to around 300 as based on some ENCOD Model Clubs. If we should consider limiting our Members then one should also take into consideration that we do not levy any membership fees, whereas Clubs that do  levy membership fees may generate huge income from this. Saying that Clubs with more Members are money driven, may be completely false. When you take into consideration that we are based in a small coastal town where our Members are highly seasonal, and where we see most Members only once during season in two years, then you can also not equate this with the same formula in terms of Members of City based Clubs. Finally in this regard, from our constitution, we have many educational & other efforts at The Club House.


Charging Membership Fees will exclude the House of Rastafari & other deprived communities from being Club Members, which we can not agree with.


For the reasoning as mentioned, The CannaClub's Stokvel stock is limited by the amount of plants that our Cultivation Partners are aloud to cultivate according to our Constitution (1000 max) , and not in terms of membership numbers.