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Introduction to The Scissor Sisters

1. Yonela Mtshotwana joined The CannaClub as a volunteer cleaner in 2020. She was quickly identified as a highly inspirational and intelligent individual.

2.  In line with The CannaClub’s social responsibility obligations, as reflected by the founding statements in the Constitution of The CannaClub, the Management Committee through it’s Co-Op Partners, APMS, and Green Herizon agreed to provide all necessary training to advance Yonela. Soon it was clear that she excels at processing, training and leadership. 

3.  Her own mission in life is to empower SBM’s (Single Black Moms). From the start she was acutely aware as a single black mother in South Africa herself, that more than 75 percent of SBM’s do not have a job, and are therefore some of the most vulnerable members of our society with regards to exploitation. In addition there are no opportunities currently for dynamic SBM’s from deprived communities, unless they create this for themselves. 

4.  From the above The Scissor Sisters were born, as founded and owned by Yonela Mtshotwana, and assisted by The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op. 

5.  The Scissor Sisters was trained and empowered by APMS and Green Herizon, which are key partners of The CannaClub. The Management Committee continues with efforts to further develop The Scissor Sisters.

6.  Since founding The Scissor Sisters and after having been CannaClub certified herself, Yonela has trained & certified 9 other Scissor Sisters from the local SBM community.

7.  The Scissor Sisters have become the exclusive processing contractors for the cultivation partners (APMS & Green Herizon) of The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op Member’s Stokvel stock.

8. Yonela has received several certificates & awards, including an Award of Excellence from the Management committee of The CannaClub for the following:

- For consistently providing exclusive processing & packaging services of the finest quality organic outdoor Cannabis to the satisfaction of more than 1000 Members for more than 2 years.

- For her role in training & empowering additional Scissor Sisters.

9.  In addition to providing subcontracting services, Yonela introduced a second Scissor Sister function, which is that of recruiting and placing of SBM’S. To this regard, she has managed to provide several volunteers for training. Two of these volunteers are currently being further developed : Asekhona & Aphiwe.

10.  Asekhona joined the Cheeba House as a volunteer cleaner. She successfully provided cleaning & washing services for the Cheeba House, whereafter she was promoted to House keeper, where she now provides subcontracting services for housekeeping, which includes a daily rate as well as a 2.5% commission of overnight fees. 

11. Aphiwe joined the DankiPa Eco Estate as a cleaner that is available to all residents. She managed to obtain a full week’s subcontracting cleaning services with various local residents. We are excited to report that she was recently selected by our on-site traditional healer, Mr. Johan Roux, to be trained as a traditional healer’s assistant, which she currently does four days per week whilst being paid and trained by Mr. Johan Roux. The future plan is for her to do this on a full time base.

12.   At this point in time, six Scissor Sisters have full time contracting services, due to the efforts of Yonela.  

13.  The Scissor Sisters have managed to secure several other processing contracts.

Short Term Requirements of The

Scissor Sisters

1. Workwear & tools. We will wear your branded t-shirts and us your tools with pride & acknowledge your gracious gift and brand through our own existing media platform 

2. The further development of a whole range of handcrafted products :

a. Izoli & other ready rolls

b. A range of personal care Cannabis infused products as complimentary medicines .

d. The budget for the above is R25 000 to establish a minimum of 50 of each of the six products envisioned which would include the ingredients, labour & packaging.

3. The acquisition of a testing device with which The Scissor Sisters may be able to test the quality & terpene profile of any cultivators product. The budget for this is R145 000.

3. A mobile service for trimming & primary processing.  A 7 seater vehicle + about R20 000 worth of processing & equipment is required.

4. Traditional solventless extraction. There is a huge opportunity for The Scissor Sisters with a variety of special products such as bubble hash/ rosin/ dab/ shatter etc. that can be produced from the waste of product of all other cultivators. The Club has the space as well as most of the requirements including the rosin press. To conclude the upgrades to the building and establish an ideal traditional solventless extraction area we need additional equipment such as a freeze dryer  (Harvestmaster). The budget for this project is R145 000. The Scissor Sisters will be a 25% shareholder as will the financier be, if any. 

Long Term Requirements of The Scissor Sisters

1. The long term aim of The Scissor Sisters is to establish a Micro Processing Hub in partnership with the House of Rastafari Growers Co-Op, The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op, and preferably the Bitou Municipality, or else any Government or Private Institution .

2. The CannaClub through the HVDW Trust is prepared to offer several onsite longterm rent free options for such a joint venture Micro Processing Hub venture, if the Bitou Municipality or the (funding partner) will provide for the cost of establishing such a Micro Processing Hub, and The CannaClub will provide further proposals in this regard if requested to do so with the utmost pleasure.

3. The budget for establishing a Micro Processing Hub is R450 000 , depending on various factors, of which the main objective is not to overly automate & thereby replace good possibilities for job creation. Only what is required for health, safety, quality & preventing bottlenecking.