The Scissor Sisters

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Yonela Mtshotwana: CannaClub certified as trimmer (3 week program), CannaClub certified as a skilled processor and packager (3 months practical experience), CannaClub certified as a processing team leader. (1 year of experience).


Owner of The Scissor Sisters. CannaClub & APMS empowered as the owner of the Sister Sisters which provides exclusive contract processing & packaging contracting services to APMS – the Cultivation, processing and packaging partner of The CannaClub. - Yonela has already trained in excess of 7 deprived sisters from her local community which have successfully achieved Scissor Sister accreditation whilst being trained by her and paid a salary by APMS. Three of them have completed a skilled processor & packager accreditation, which is a minimum 3 month in service training program.

Certificate - Skilled Processor & Packag
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