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The TCC advisory board :

  1. The advisory board of the TCC Stokvel provides advice and professional services at times.

  2. They are paid for their professional services, when required and do not otherwise receive any disbursements of TCC members reimbursements. 

  3. These members are: 

  4. Runeetha Ingomana, representing Misuoyolo (Pty) Ltd and Ithunga development regarding government sponsored Cannabis skills development internships.

  5. Brett Pollack from Harambe Solutions as legal consultant.

  6. Marlene Theunessin from Harambe Solutions for management system and compliance consultation.

  7. Trenton Birch & Linda Siboto from Cheeba Africa for educational consultation.

  8. Various representatives from the House of Rastafari, the Hessequa Khoisan community and  Umzimvubu farmers network in Amapondo land specific to first nation upliftment/ development.

  9. Sister Vee Nohombile Bush as traditional healer / resident medicinal officer for medicinal consultation & application.

  10. Chirs Johnsonn for media collaboration and SEO optimization.

  11. Simon Strainhunter from Umzimvubu Farmers Network for interaction & empowerment initiatives with the Pondoland community

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