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Great organic Cannabis is much like good wine. It needs to be sun grown and slow cured for its full flavour profile, medicinal properties & Terpenoids to develop. Most importantly these are dependant on the climate, altitude, humidity and the like, of the region it is cultivated in and how it is nurtured, harvested and cured. Terpenoids are a class of organic hydrocarbons produced by medical marijuana plants when denatured by oxidation (cured).

It is not currently legal to transport Cannabis, or to grow and consume on different premises, as we understand the current legislation - also for an ENCOD based On Site Cultivation Private Social Cannabis Club. Therefor The CannaClub cannot consider any outsourced growers at this time.

We wish to support our local growers , economy and communities and will freely co-operate with all other Social Cannabis Clubs, Growers, Community Co-Op’s, Authorities and the like to make this a thriving reality as a model /inspiration for other regions to improve on.
Serious growers that are not able to open their own Private Social Cannabis club or do not wish to do so, may be able to secure a growers contract from third parties such as the Grow One Africa Group, or you can start your own community based growers Co-Op/ Club or micro club as an alternative solution until such time as the industry is opened up and the proposed government buying hubs (as per Zimbabwean Model) becomes a reality.

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