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When it comes to harvesting & trimming there are many methods that can produce the desired results. The methodology currently used by The CannaClub is what works for us in a medium scale operation, and as described below :

1. We harvest before first light. The reason for this is that once the sun is up, the normal process of photosynthesis will become active and the plant will be able to suck up nutrients/ starches & other elements from it's roots which will then become part of your harvest. By harvesting early these levels are much reduced.

2. The Cannabis plant produces terpenes & resin during the day in order to protect itself and to attract pollinators. Just like photosynthesis, this process is not active at night, and we believe it gives us a better opportunity to lock down these terpenes if harvested before sunlight.

3. Immediately after the harvest we "braai", see video below. This is where we do a rough wet trim in order to get rid of the excess plant material before drying.

4. After "braai'ing" the dry rooms are packed. Drying occurs for 10 - 14 days at 18 °C and 62% relative humidity. We test the bud via handprobe to ensure that optimal drying has occurred.

5. After the drying process has completed our flower goes for a dry medium hand trim by The Scissor Sisters. This provides a more refined product and it is quite easy to get rid of larger leaves after they've been dried.

6. After the medium dry trim process the flower is placed in automated burping tubs for curing. These tubs automatically burp the tubs twice daily during the first couple of weeks.

7. We typically cure our flower for a minimum of 6 months before a final manicuring trim session.


8. The flower is finally trimmed/ hand manicured, classed and packaged for usage/ storage.

9. At each of the 3 trimming procedures, the flower is visually inspected & any defects are removed.

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