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a. The CannaClub and Growers Co-op was founded by father & son, Herman and Herries in 2015 and formalized in 2018, after the historic March 2017 W/Cape High Court ruling, because people that want to / needs to use Cannabis for medicinal purposes are forced to buy/ transport the product illegally and this has great risk as well as much negative impact. The CannaClub and Grower’ s Co-Op was founded to:














i. Educate members in all aspects including responsible consumption and organic cultivation, with the intent to enable the African Agricultural Awakening through high value small scale Cannabis Cultivation.

ii. Allow members thereof to have access to a limited amount of high quality Cannabis plants/ produce, grown on behalf of them, for their own medicinal/ recreational purposes, in a shared environment.

iii. Enable members that may be in need of finding the: Grow space, time, knowledge, skills, inclination, access to facilities/ water/ funds/ security..... This is especially true in our deprived communities.

iv. Enable members that does not have the health/ physical ability / desire/ inclination to grow plants of their own with love and dedication, much less with the very best of medicinal plant strains, and in the best of modern, secure, hygienic, eco wise, organic growing conditions.....

b. We were successful with the Stokvel/ Communal Club grow until the end of July of 2018, when The CannaClub got raided and 5 members were arrested. In the end the charges were dropped and our equipment were returned. We had operated within the law, but all our highly valued strains and medicine were sadly lost - the experience led us to look for more secure alternatives.

c. In March 2019 one of the founder members – Herman - in partnership with some investors bought the Canapax franchise opportunity for Plett. The founders allowed the Plett Canapax dispensary franchise to open up in a section of the Clubhouse, via a rental agreement, on the condition that:

• All members will continue to sign up as CannaClub members,
 and that the Club will continue with it’s efforts to establish a non profit based growers Co-Op, specifically for the needs of our Club members.

d.After being in operation for 5 months, the shareholders of CanaPax Plett, closed it the day after it became known that the Master franchisor, Russel de Beer had been arrested. The Club got raided the day after, in November 2019. The Managing Member of The CannaClub was arrested. Again all our plants and strains were lost including the 50 plant grow patch that was rented under formal contracts by the House of Rastafari Community.

e. The special investigations officers however made it clear to us that they have to arrest the Managing Member due to the current confusion with the private consumption law and would not have had a problem with the Club, or it’s foundations and operations had it not been for the CanaPax connection, even though CanaPax Plett was not operational.

f. The Club’s outdoor grow patch known as “The Garden with Weedin” was re- established with top strains and is being continuously upgraded and cultivated by the Co-Op partners.

g. The Club’s processing, washing, drying and curing facilities were established and is being continuously upgraded by the Co-Op partners.

h. The Exciting African Awakening initiatives and our very extensive and educational website that is aimed at rapid advancement of skills and knowledge for African eco wise Cannabis cultivation through video/ photo/ blogs have been completed and are in process of being launched.

i. Our transformation and empowerment projects have been launched and several empowerment plans has been agreed upon by all Management Committee members, thus all Co – Op partners. Please find out more about this on our website.

j. We are thankful to report that the case against the President of The CannaClub (Herman van der Watt) regarding the member's trees & produce that was confiscated during a raid in November 2019, by SIU, as well all charges relating to Canapax Plett was withdrawn in October in  the local magistrate court. We greatly attribute this fact to our social cannabis club based non profit operation & constitution. Sincere appreciation to our attorney Mr Carl Jeppe.

k. Also in October we welcome two new Co-Op partners as confirmed by management committee adoption, these are Bertie van Jaarsveldt from The Design Guy as the Club's Media Manager & Co-Op partner and Tiaan van der Watt as the Club's Retail Manager & Co-Op partner.

l. The Scissor sisters is owned by a black lady: Yonela Mtshotwana who was trained by the Cannaclub i.t.o. trimming and primary processing for the purposes of establishing the company: The Scissor sisters. We have since trained 2 more scissor sisters Sinazo Mfabana and Oyama Mtshowtwana. In adition Yonela and some Scissor sisters are being trained in processing hash, packaging and even in making hand rollies.

m. The Club's Instagram page was established, we got our first seed donations from Black Flag Genetics & our membership number has exceeded 800.

n. Sihle joined us in November 2020 and we trained him as a Club House tender as well as to empower him to have his own business : CannaTours

o. In November 2020 we launched the Garden Route Organic Growers Association (GROCGA) and the first ever Garden Route CannaCup

p. We launched our YouTube page in December 2020 and exceeded 1000 members. 

q. In January 2021 we were blessed with a resident Medicinal Cannabis Consultant with over 20 years of experience with Cannabis medication and chronic ailments, who is a registered Traditional healer - Master Gu (Johan Roux) . Please contact him to arrange an appointment - He is also willing to travel in certain circumstances.

q. In February 2021 we launched The Insangu Development Corporation with it's powerful rapid economic transformation & empowerment initiatives.

All glory to the Most High.

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