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Introduction to The House of Rastafari

1. The fact of the matter is that Rastafari & other indigenous communities such as the Griekwa's & the Khoi San have cultivated and used Cannabis medicinally, recreationally & spiritually over centuries. It is therefore logical for them to also be economically active in this emerging sector. 

2. The founders of The CannaClub, and the Management Committee of The CannaClub, have a long standing relationship with the House of Rastafari, and are committed to providing all assistance possible in ensuring that our Rastafarian brothers are included in the Cannabis sector. In fact it would be senseless not for them to play a major role, since they have the experience in cultivating, processing, as well as small scale sales of Cannabis.

3. In this regard The CannaClub has been developing Rastafarian Cultivators in the following manner :

a) Free Cannabis cultivation workshops every Friday from 09h00 - 11h00 since 2019.

b) The provision of high value female clones every year for the past 3 years for the Bitou House of Rastafari, Judah Square, as well as to the Youth leaders of 5 regions in the Western Cape.

c) The development of awareness campaigns such as Rise of Rastafari YouTube video series which can be found here.

d) Furthermore all Members of the Cannabis community are requested to support their communal grow if able to , specifically in terms of the following :

  • Compost

  • Tyres & tyre delivery

  • Water tanks

  • Organic Nutrients / Pest Control

  • Nursery area with supplemental lighting

4. With regards to the Judah Square community in Knysna. On our recent visit of 13 March 2023 to Judah square we have donated several high value strain specific female strains, and are ecstatic to report that the Judah Square community for the first time ever has setup a communal grow. This provides us with an opportunity to evaluate medium & short term requirements to initiate a crowd funding plan which is in development. 

5. With regards to the Bitou House of Rastafari we have formally explained their requirements in detail to the local municipality & regional government on a Skills Indaba during 2022. We are pleased to announce that they are looking towards land etc. 

6. With regards to Rastafarian musicians we have hosted several events at The CannaClub which have supported artists from the Western & Eastern Cape Rastafarian communities, as well as provide exposure through live video streams on our social platforms as can be found here - Zionites, The Survivals, Elron van der Berg.