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Aimed at Students needing more experience

If you wish to gain hands-on experience in the Cannabis industry/ ENCOD based Cannabis Club environment, or on a working Cannabis Farm, as a Cheeba Intern or on a completely voluntary basis of whether you wish to attend any of the available activities or not, or be able to have the freedom to enjoy the wonders of Plettenberg Bay and the Garden Route, then the Cheeba Cannabis Academy in Pletteneberg Bay may be the perfect break-away for you. Our Cannabis internship and volunteering options run throughout the year (pending availability of accommodation). This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself into a working Cannabis Social Club, growing onsite, while also having access to the wide array of both on and offsite outdoor activities/ excursions and experiences that the Cheeba Africa Cultivation Academy in Plettenberg bay and the world renowned Garden Route has to offer.

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Internships (aimed at students needing more experience) – The Cheeba AfricaCannabis Cultivation Internship program, which is booked exclusively through Cheeba Africa, follow the following guidelines:

(a) One day (8am – 4pm) per week with our project manager on Green Herizon infrastructure and maintenance. This includes Aquaponic Indoor and Greenhouse operations. If there are plant-based operations these tasks will take precedence over the maintenance and upgrade tasks.

(b) One day (8am – 4pm) per week with our project manager on APMS’s infrastructure and maintenance which includes Organic Outdoor, Nursery, Cloning and Processing Areas, such as drying, trimming and curing. If there are plant-based operations these tasks will take precedence over the maintenance and upgrade tasks.

(c) One day (11am – 7pm) over a weekend, Saturday or Sunday, with the ClubHouse manager of the day in The CannaClub's Club House.

(d) One half day (9am – 1pm) with the Scissor Sisters for processing, trimming, packaging or hand-crafting services.

(e) One half day (9am – 1pm / 2pm – 5pm) per week for Clubhouse Training

(f) This provides the interns with two off days per week for leisure time.

(g) Interns that have successfully completed 3 weekend days in the ClubHouse will receive a BudTender Certificate from TheCannaClub.

(h) The fundamental differences between interns and Volunteers are the following: Internships follow the Cheeba Africa internship program, as indicated above, and are more expensive than other options such as Volunteering. Interns are certified as Cheeba Cannabis Cultivation Academy Plettenberg Bay Interns as to how many weeks they have been on the internship program. Volunteers, on the other hand are under no obligation to do anything.

(i) A discounted rate on Cheeba online courses are available for Interns.

Education Partners of Cheeba Cannabis Academy

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