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1. The Community/group selects a Management Committee to run the Co-op on behalf of the members. Committee Management Members are active for 2 years at a time and may be re-elected.

2. Although this Committee can pay operational costs such as salaries/ rent…within limitations, they may not take any profits or make any investments that are not benefitting all members as a Non Profit Organisation.  The members enjoy full transparency.

3. This Committee then has to develop plans and secure/ appoint the Co-op partners: These appointments are made on the following assumptions:

a. That a good harvest will be made.

b. That Co-op partners will be reimbursed for their plant management or other input with a percentage of the future returns from produce as supplied to government authorized/ based Cannabis – buying hubs as per the Zimbabwean Tobacco model.

c. That these Co-op partners are able to provide their input in advance/ over time, while awaiting such re-imbursement, and at their own risk in case of crop failure.

d. These Co-op partners and their percentages of future income are as indicated in the constitution of the Growers Co-Op.

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