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On the positive side it is The CannaClub's position that large investments, therefor large scale facilities are essential :

To provide the investment which would allow the industry to grow and to develop training/ management options, which would lead to greater employment in this sector.

To develop, open up and represent South African products in the international marketplace.

• To develop clear legislation as well as taxable income for our government.

On the negative side it is The CannaClub's position that :

 These large scale facilities need to be owned by South Africans, otherwise any income generated by them, will be diverted out of the South African economy, and thereby provide very little ongoing benefit to South Africans & the SA economy.

• It is imperative that large scale licensed facilities adhere to their export agreements and not be allowed to enter the South African market place. If it does, it would make it impossible for small operations & especially community development projects to be successful, and therefor effectively hijack the South African empowerment possibilities relating to Cannabis cultivation.

We feel that large scale licensed facilities must also comply to social responsibilities, especially in terms of the development of long standing indigenous cultivators, their products and their exposure to the international marketplace. These communities include the amaMpondo people, the Griekwa & Khoi-San communities, the Rastafari communities, as well as the development of black cultivators, micro hubs & club owners .  

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