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The CannaClub is a private, closed and nonprofit organisation established with the public benefit objectives of enabling its members to responsibly exercise their corollary, indivisible and entrenched constitutional rights to privacy and freely associating by voluntarily collaborating with The CannaClub, and pooling funds dedicated to the—

  1. private production of their own value-for-money, organic, variety specific Cannabis (“Stokvel Cannabis”) that is—

    1. primarily and continuously cultivated, harvested, dried, cured, processed and packaged under the responsibility of and via the efforts exerted by The CannaClub and its key service providers, with a level of skill and expertise reasonably to be expected of a person with germane expert Cannabis knowledge and experience outlined in terms of Membership Agreements concluded between all members and The CannaClub; and

    2. periodically cultivated and harvested through the active participation of the members themselves, by invitation of The CannaClub and under the supervision and guidance of The CannaClub and its relevant key service providers, in terms of educational initiatives designed to empower the members to actively participate in the safe and responsible cultivation and consumption of their organically grown and quality controlled Cannabis, more fully described in article 12 of  the TCC Constitution;

  2. personal and private withdrawal and consumption – use and enjoyment – of their Stokvel Cannabis—

    1. flower once cultivated, harvested, dried, cured, processed and packaged,

    2. on the basis of predefined, per gram (non-profit-based) withdrawal or reimbursement fees (“reimbursement fees”) as per the Grower’s Mandate described in article 11 of the TCC Constitution,

    3. at no risk to the member of crop failure or non-performance given that membership is free and reimbursement only occurs at the point of withdrawal;

  3. continuous improvement of the operations, administration, and maintenance of, and the experience at The CannaClub;

  4. education of members about the health and legal risks and benefits associated with the private cultivation and consumption of Cannabis; and

  5. pro-active championing of The CannaClub’s social responsibility to help with redressing the imbalances of the past, by—

    1. establishing empowerment opportunities for black people in the Cannabis industry; and

    2. allowing, empowering and enabling other micro-, small- and medium-sized Private Cannabis Clubs and the full value chain behind or in support of them, throughout SA, in a manner that reduces criminality, and engenders the responsible and conscious, healthy and safe, private and engaged cultivation and consumption of Cannabis, while building community and promoting personal development and positive socio-cultural cohesion.


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