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Boveda Cannabis Humidity Packs

Who is Boveda?

Despite what you may know, Boveda wasn’t created purely for cannabis. It all started with a frustrated cigar lover, who couldn’t keep his cigars properly humidified.

The methods of the ’90s were much more labour intensive and you didn’t always get it right in the end. So he got to work and made contact with someone who could solve his problem. Here they established their method of using salts, which maintains a fixed relative humidity. The packaging was then put together. New partners were brought in from here to handle the business side of things and formed a new company – Boveda, in 1997.

Soon enough though, they realised their product wasn’t just handy for keeping cigars at the right humidity and could be applied to other fields too. They expanded into the spheres of food storage, wooden instruments and luckily for us, cannabis.


Boveda is an appealing looking product. Their blend of colours is subtle and speaks for itself. Their brand identity is obvious and striking. Once you are aware of the brand you’ll recognise it anywhere.

Their products are well designed too – simple but effective. Their variety of sizes/weights mean that all ranges of cannabis growers and consumers can find just what they need.


This is the most important part of a product such as this. Does it work? Will it keep your bud fresher and juicier for longer?

The straight answer is yes. By using salts saturated with water, these humidity packs will naturally add or remove humidity by responding to the ambient temperature.

The importance of all this is the terpene and trichome retention – you don’t want to lose all the factors that make your bud so special. The right humidity levels also improve appearance and aroma. When it comes to curing, Boveda humidity packs maintain the environment in your storage for you – keeping the process simple. The correct humidity plays a massive role in preventing the build-up of mould in your bud. They also eliminate evaporation which maximises your profits, preventing all the moisture from exiting your nugs.

Price Point

Boveda humidity packs are extremely affordable. Ranging from R25 to R490 depending on the sizing you need for the amount of bud you have. Where you buy them from is also a factor to take into consideration as prices may vary. Whether you are an experienced grower, a newbie or you’re just looking to store your bud properly – these are accessible and affordable.

Boveda Cannabis Humidity Packs Conclusion

If you aren’t already using Boveda Cannabis Humidity Packs to manage and maintain your bud – you need to make some changes. Boveda is a great way to maintain your bud and ensure the best outcome of months of hard work. It’s the easiest way to ensure your trichomes are kept from degrading. Mould is also something every bud grower wants to avoid, so keep it simple. They have provided a great product that works as you would hope and ticks off the other necessary boxes too.

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