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Hemp Based Brands AND NFTs With a Purpose

Recently, M2Bio Sciences launched 100% biodegradable surfboards, first of their kind in Africa. A team of highly skilled engineers are working to create these ten surfboards entirely out of hemp and mycelium. Inspired by the resurgence of psychedelic art and the work the company is doing in the realm of psilocybin research, all surfboards feature unique and colorful artwork. This entire project furthers the importance of sustainability.

M2Bio Sciences is a nutraceutical biotechnology company in the medical cannabis and psychedelics industry. With an innovative seed-to-store approach, they are involved in everything from conducting research and development in the area of hemp to cultivating medical cannabis in Lesotho and commercially selling branded CBD-infused products. The company is also researching psilocybin or ‘magic mushrooms’ as potential therapeutic alternatives for addictions and cardiovascular diseases.

Each of the ten surfboards are auctioned as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the platform OpenSea. The successful bidder will also get the actual surfboard shipped out to them – anywhere in the world.

Popular CBD brands

M2Bio Sciences is headquartered in Canada, listed on the Over-The-Counter market in the USA, and operates out of South Africa, where the company produces and sells its products. Their brand, Medspresso, is an eco-conscious CBD-infused functional beverages brand that offers two variants of coffee–Tanzanian Peaberry and an Ethiopian and Kenyan blend–, a premium Rooibos Tea and a delicious Ivory Coast Hot Chocolate. Medspresso is available in South Africa both online and in stores such as CNC, and Zootly.

The company is also operating a health and cosmetics brand, Dr. AnnaRx, named after the company’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Anna Morera Leralta. The team of molecular research scientists have put together cutting edge formulations for each of the pharmaceutical grade CBD-infused face-, hair-, oral-, and body-care lines, leveraging the many health benefits of cannabinoids.

Liviana, a CBD-infused premium olive oil brand, is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of brands. This olive oil line included three flavors: Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chilli-infused EVOO, and Lemon-infused EVOO. These remarkable oils hail from the multi award-winning Chaloner Estates located in the Stellenbosch Mountains of South Africa.

Community Building Efforts

Apart from creating quality products, M2Bio Sciences prioritizes being closely involved in building up the local communities. This includes efforts of supporting the coffee farmers they work with and a global online coffee community called World Coffee Club to bring like-minded people together.

Through their recent partnership with Souper Troopers, the company will also work to help Cape Town’s homeless population by taking necessary steps to make meaningful changes in their lives. This will include starting with the most basic needs, including clothes, food, and toiletries, then working through a full range of services such as counselling, skills training, medical referrals, family mediation, job preparation, creative workshops, and micro-entrepreneurial opportunities.

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