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Maui Gets Official ‘Medical Cannabis Day’ Holiday

The 14th of June is now a recognised holiday, after Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino implemented the day as a reminder of the state's historic reforms in medical cannabis.

By Cannabis News ZA - 21/07/2020

This new day recognises and commemorates the 20th anniversary of the state being the first to legally pass medical cannabis reforms. The announcement was made by Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino on the 13th of June at the first licensed dispensary in the area – Maui Grown Therapies.

June 14th in the year 2000 saw the governor at the time, Ben Cayetano, sign the bill making allowances for medical cannabis. The first legal sale from a cannabis dispensary was made on the 8th of August 2017 by Maui Grown Therapies. Until this time, caregivers were responsible for administering medical cannabis patients, with dispensaries only being legalised in 2015.

Victorino has also noted that there are roughly 6 000 medical cannabis patients in Maui alone. 

“This new, growing, industry supports patients’ choice for holistic, integrative, healthcare options and expands the high value, eco-friendly, agriculture, and well-paid career options for citizens of Maui County. … Medical cannabis day is an opportunity to thank and acknowledge the Hawaii state and Maui County leadership, physicians, RPRNS, and researchers, medical professionals, cultivators, dispensary professionals, patients, and caregivers.”, said Victorino in his statement on the 13th of June. 

The proclamation of this new holiday was presented by Victorino to Dr. Gregory Park, Maui Grown Therapies co-founder and chief compliance officer. Park has been a medical practitioner in the county for 40 years, and firmly believes that cannabis can effectively manage symptoms and improve a patients quality of life. 

“I’d like to thank the county of Maui for their support of our industry and to help us provide high quality agricultural and retail jobs and help us diversify versus tourist jobs,” Park said.

The proclamation of this date is also the first formally recognised Medical Cannabis day in the United States. 

How would you celebrate a cannabis holiday if we had one? Let us know in the comments below!

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