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South Africa's Premier Cannabis Celebration: The Green Cup & Expo !

The Canna Club recently attended South Africa's premier Green Cup and Expo from April 26 to 28 at the picturesque Wacky Woods Riverside Resort in the Eastern Cape.

South Africa's Premier Cannabis Culture Event
Smiles all weekend long at South Africa's annual Green Cup

Hosted by Quick Buy n Grow, this year's event marked the third installment of the Cannabis Culture celebration, featuring international sponsors JAK Imports and New Millennium Nutrients.

Fields of Green for ALL Cannabis activists policy reform
Ami Heystek from Fields of Green for ALL and Tony Kerby from JAK Importers !

 A Festival to Remember!

This year's Green Cup and Expo was an electrifying and well-attended event, drawing visitors from all corners of the country and beyond.

Gizeh sponsors prizes
Event goers won loads of Giveaways !

The Green Cup & Expo kicked off with an unforgettable Friday night, featuring an incredible lineup of DJs who kept the crowd dancing under the stars. The pulsating beats and vibrant atmosphere set the perfect tone for the weekend ahead, making it a night to remember for all attendees

Attendees were treated to a dazzling array of entertainment, including DJ sets, live music, and performances by The Survivals Band, among others.

The Green Cup & Expo lit up with an enchanting performance by fire dancers, captivating the audience with their stunning display of skill and artistry. Their fiery spectacle added a magical touch to the evening's festivities, leaving everyone in awe

Enthusiastic attendees gather to celebrate cannabis culture at the Green Cup & Expo, enjoying the lively atmosphere and camaraderie.

Tubz, the official Green Cup MC, kept the energy high throughout the weekend with his DJ skills and engaging hosting of Stoner games, offering plenty of live giveaways from top 420-friendly brands.

 Celebrating Excellence in Cultivation !

The 2024 Green Cup Judges were all impressed by the entries this year !

A highlight of the event was the Cultivation Cup, which recognized excellence in various categories: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse, Extracts, and Edibles.

International Sponsors and Judges Jerin & Tony , congratulating Berny , his Hash is making waves across South Africa

The Canna Club's own Berny Shiva took home a trophy in the Extracts category for his exceptional hash.

Here are the winners across all categories!


1. Tubby - White Widow

2. East Cape Craft Canna - Dead Pirate Roberts

3. Tubby - Big Buddah Cheese

The Green Cup & Expo attendees, united by their passion for cannabis culture, enjoy a weekend of fun, learning, and community


1. Homegrown Phoenix - Cali Kush

2. Homegrown Phoenix - Kings Tart

3. Highest Point - Slurricane #6

SA's Craft Edible Champion Sugarman , international judge and sponsor Tony Kerby and Philip from Ethno Grow !


1. Burly Bud - Hulkberry

2. Ethno Grows - Mlungu Mystery

3. Burly Bud - Red Poison Inzanity

Judge Bobby Greenhash & Cup entrant "Zolboom"


1. Homegrown Phoenix - Dab Tropicana Poison

2. Homegrown Phoenix - Dab Frosted Apricots

3. Shiva Contractor - Bubble Hash Amnesia Haze

Cannabis industry leaders engage in insightful discussions at the Green Cup & Expo, sharing knowledge and shaping the future of cannabis culture.


1. Mama G -Snack Wheel

2. Dope Coffee - 40mg THC Coffee

3. Mama G - Lekkerish Allsorts

Congratulations to each of the Winners !

The expo featured vendors from across the country, offering a wide range of products and services.

Irie Brew Coffee serves up their signature brews at the Green Cup & Expo, providing a perfect pick-me-up for attendees throughout the event.
Brewing Delight with Irie Brew Coffee !

Visitors enjoyed delicious food available from early morning until late at night, enhancing the overall festival experience.

High Str dazzles attendees with their premium products on display at the Green Cup & Expo, showcasing the best in cannabis innovation and quality.

For a glimpse into the 2022 and 2023 events, you can watch the recap on The Canna Club YouTube Channel .

The Canna Club team in action as media partners at the Green Cup & Expo, capturing the highlights and essence of South Africa's premier cannabis celebration
The Canna Club's Bertie in Action !Proud Media Partners

Remember to Subscribe and turn on the notification , the 2024 Full video will be premiering soon !

Check out the Talks from the Sunday that was dedicated to informative and inspiring talks from various speakers, including:

- Ami Heystek from Fields of Green for ALL

- Ricky Stone from Ricky Stone

- Sister Vee, author of The Human Companion Plant

- Marleen Theunissen from Harambe Solutions, discussing the Mpondoland Plug Project 

- Tony Kerby from JAK Imports

- Jerin H from New Millennium Nutrients

- Bobby Greenhash from The BGF

Attendees had the opportunity to ask Industry leaders valuable questions
Sister Vee and Moekie celebrating our beautiful Cannabis Culture

 A Heartfelt Thank You !

The Canna Club extends heartfelt thanks to all sponsors, attendees, vendors, and the community for making this event a resounding success !

Special thanks to Patricia and Adam from Quick Buy n Grow for organizing such a wonderful event!

We look forward to more gatherings that celebrate the rich and vibrant cannabis culture in South Africa.

It was a unforgettable weekend of good vibes, camping and community

For more coverage, visit the 420 Central TV YouTube Channel for special content on the Green Cup & Expo 2024.

Rory Taylor from the High str Network & 420 Central Media attended as not only Sponsors , but vendors and Media Partners at this years event .

We look forward to the next one !

Stay Tuned and Stay Lifted!

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