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NANO GROW - 1 soil spray when planting & 1 to 2 foliar sprays in growth stage.


Formulated with essential nutrients as a replacement to fertilizer to lower costs or can be used as an additive to fertilizer.

Used for enhancing the growth stage of plants and crops.


Also designed for root growth, gravitopisim, lateral root development, root hair development & nitrogen fixing root nodules.


Increases nutrient uptake. Increases root & shootgrowth, stem & leaf health.


Aids in vascular development & strengthening stems. Increases abiotic & biotic stress resistance. Increases defense mechanisms. Increases chlorophyll & photosynthesis production. Increases stored glucose & brix levels. Ensures optimal flowering & fruiting functioning.


Can be used on all plants & crops.

Application : 1:200 (1ml with 200ml water covers 10m2 / 1lt with 200lts water covers 1 hectare).

NanoGrow Natural

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