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Safe to use at any stage or growing, destroys and clean existing infestations. Can also be used as a preventative to infestations if used routinely during the grow cycle (Every week -10 days)


  • Our formula immediately brings back the shine and luster to your plant leafs and washes away all harmful powdery mildew, germs or insects after killing them.
  • Can be sprayed at any stages of plant growth.
  • Long lasting effect.


Advanced Plant Defense

Our cutting-edge formula is designed to provide comprehensive protection for your plants throughout their growth stages. With Ninja Goldfish, you can shield your plants from the threats that hinder their growth and yield.


Enhanced Plant Health

We believe in nurturing plants to their fullest potential. Ninja Goldfish promotes plant health by optimizing their ability to absorb essential nutrients, water, and sunlight. Experience the difference in the vitality and strength of your plants.


Unleash Growth Potential

When your plants are free from stress, they can thrive and achieve higher yields. Ninja Goldfish takes the stress out of plant care, allowing your crops to reach their maximum potential.

Ninja Goldfish - Plant Wash Concentrate

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