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Our attitude regarding SAPS, is one of immediate cooperation & welcoming. The Members of the SAPS simply have a job to do & orders to follow in an imperfect, underfunded and unclear legal environment. If we want to do any challenging it will be in court, and not with any SAPS officers.


We believe it is important to know your rights, and the best information regarding this can be found on the Fields of Green for All Website @ the following link : 


The Members of the CannaClub do not wish to partake in any illegal actions, which is why we welcome any enquiries or suggestions. There is no need for any form of raid. Our operations are fully transparent & traceable, and if we transgress any laws, according to our understanding as advised by our legal representatives, we will immediately rectify such transgression. 

We welcome open dialogue with all authorities.

SAPS/ TCC history:

  1. The CannaClub was raided by SIU in 2017, where 6 Members were arrested. This case was stayed pending the outcome of the Prince ConCourt ruling, and thereafter withdrawn. 

  2. The CannaClub was raided again by SIU in 2019 and the CEO was arrested. After 7 appearances the case was withdrawn, and no formal charges were ever laid. 

  3. The SIU made a third inspection in November 2020 where no arrests were made or any problems reported.

  4. Local SAPS: W/O Van Pletzen made rural safety & security inspection on 16 Jan 2023 and requested a statement regarding all activities on the premises which was formally provided to his office on 18 January 2023.

  5. If there are further uncertainties, we would appreciate an opportunity to present a tour and would always welcome an open & honest relationship with our local SAPS whom we highly value.

  6. Members of the SAPS are and have always been welcome to visit the Estate at any reasonable time, and the use of Drones by Plett Security for example have also been approved & welcomed. 

  7. We have a long history with the CPF, also with regards to numerous donations for rural protection such as 2 way radios, cameras and the like.

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