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Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation A - Theory

Free theory booklet, which consists of 11 Modules from various online sources, compiled by TCC.

  • 6 hr
  • Online PDF

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Module 1 - The Fundamentals -Genetics -Sativa vs Indica -Anatomy of a Female Cannabis Plant -Terpenes -Cannabinoids -Where does Cannabis come from -How do seeds work -How do clones work -Life Cycle of a Cannabis Plant -Outdoor Grow Calendar -Genetics Module 2 - Grow Location -Choosing the right location -Grow location options -Factors to consider when choosing a location -Factors to consider when choosing a location Module 3 - Soil Basics -Soil Variations -Factors to consider with soil -Amendments to improve soil -Basic Cannabis soil recipe Module 4 - Germination -Germination Introduction -What to look out for in seeds -Ideal conditions for germination -Germination time -Germination method 1 - Wet Towel -Germination method 2 - Direct in soil -Germination final tips Module 5 - Vegetative Stage -Entering Veg State -What is vegetative stage -Importance of the vegetative stage -How to achieve ideal vegetative growth -Factors to consider during Veg -More factors to consider during Veg Module 6 - Watering Cannabis Plants -Watering Cannabis introduction -How much should you water Cannabis -How to water Cannabis -How to identify a thirsty plant -The importance of PH -PH Chart for Nutrient availability Module 6 - Nutrients -Nutrients introduction -Understanding Macro & Micro Nutrients -Cannabis fertilisers -Nutrient requirements for Seedlings -Nutrient requirements for Vegetative stage -Nutrient requirements for Flowering stage -How to prepare Cannabis nutrients -The importance of PPM, PH and temperature -Tips for better feeding -Nutrient deficiencies -Nutrient deficiencies - Nitrogen -Nutrient deficiencies - Phosphorus -Nutrient deficiencies - Potassium -Nutrient Deficiencies Illustration Module 7 - Organic Pest Control -Pest Control - Integrated pest management -Pest Control - Foilar Spray -Pest Control - Companion planting -Pest Control - Predatory mites Module 8 - Topping & Training -Topping -Low Stress Training Module 9 - Flowering Stage -Flowering Stage -Flowering Week 1 -Flowering Week 2 - 3 -Flowering Week 4 - 5 -Flowering Week 6 - 8 (Before Harvest) -Flowering Tips Module 10 - Harvesting Cannabis -Timing your harvest -Trimming Cannabis -Trimming Tools -Wet Trimming -Dry Trimming Module 11 - Drying & Curing Cannabis -What’s the difference between drying & curing -Drying & curing Cannabis

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The CannaClub, DankiPa Eco Estate, Rietvlei Road, Rietvlei, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

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