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  1. In order to enable The CannaClub and its cultivating key service providers to accurately plan ahead for the members’ personal Cannabis consumption demands, the CFO provides 12-month projections of Stokvel Cannabis stock demand, based on The CannaClub’s point of sale system history, at least twice per year.

  2. Stokvel Cannabis stock produced in excess of the CFO’s abovementioned projections is:

    1. automatically rendered redundant; and 

    2. destroyed by composting; or 

    3. donated to empowerment initiatives approved by resolution of the Management Committee. 

  3. Due to the natural and organic degradation of Cannabis, Stokvel Cannabis flower stock automatically becomes redundant after 18 (eighteen) months from when it was first made available to members. Such redundant stock is treated in the same manner as described above.

  4. No member shall be able to withdraw more than 100g of Stokvel flower per day.

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