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In our opinion, planting directly into the ground is the best option if the soil allows it. In our situation we have high density clay and therefor have to use raised beds, and makes sense to grow cannabis in tyres. In addition our philosophy is to use material that are available for all communities. Tyres do break down over time, actually many years - we replace any tyres that show any sign of weather deterioration.  Finally tyres have some other benefits such as :

  • A tyre is designed to be a very good temperature insulator. Therefore even though the outside may be very hot/ cold, the inside will remain cool.

  • Two tyres can be stacked on one another which allows for ample compost & root development space.

  • Due to their structure tyres retain moisture on the lower half.

  • Rugged and easy to use with weed eater.

  • Easy to obtain for free.

  • Easy to change layout or to recompost. 

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