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1.  Herman & Heidi van der Watt both originate from families who started off in life with nothing after the great depression, and whom had managed to become highly successful, while establishing many empowerment & upliftment actions to the extent that several of these still exist today and still have regional contracts with the Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng governments.

2. Herman & Heidi had an unspoilt but privileged upbringing with a true love for South Africa and it’s people thereby with a great emphasis on black empowerment & sustainable resource development.

3. Herman & Heidi van der Watt founded the Heiman Trust in 2006, which took 100% control of the HVDW Trust in 2010 (now known as H&H Trust), which owns the DankiPa Eco Estate as managed by GRRcc (founded by Heidi van der Watt). Herman & Heidi had several successful business ventures before they came to Plettenberg Bay on a permanent base 20 years ago.

4.  In Plettenberg Bay they founded 2 companies : Micro Zone, and Express Network Solutions. Both were specialist electronic service providers.

a. Through the above they made many noticeable contributions towards the development & upliftment of the Bitou kingdom which include:

b. Donations :

i. More than 50 two way radios and base stations for: Beach control, local security companies, NSRI, SAPS, Municipal Control Central, etc. To this day these radios enable all of the above to rapidly & coherently respond to any emergency/ security situation.

ii. Many CCTV Cameras including pan/ tilt/ zoom cameras on top of the Beacon Island Hotel and linked to the Municipal control centre.

iii. Many donations towards community upliftment projects & school children development.

iv. Many free internet & wifi connections for schools & community centres.

c. Services: 

i. Maintenance service & supply of all Bitou Municipality repeaters, two way radios, emergency lights, etc. for more than 4 years.

ii. Maintenance, supply & management of all high sites for radio, internet & telemetry usage. 

iii. All telemetry & site alarms from all pump stations & water works.

iv. All internet, network installation, CCTV, access control, and development & maintenance of Bitou Municipality offices.

v. Specialised electronic security & other solutions.

vi. First wireless broadband license for South Africa. This turned into 12 franchises in all major metropols of South Africa. The couple sold their interests in 2010, whereafter they fully concentrated on developing the DankiPa Eco Estate, with a view to educate, empower, and inspire others in order to help with redressing some of the imbalances of the past, as our key social responsibility.


1. Training of many alarm/ CCTV/ two way radio/ WiFi technicians, security officers, control centre operators etc. - all selected & empowered from the local community. These ideals continue today through the efforts of The CannaClub & all parties involved on the DankiPa Eco Estate.

2. At some stage the private ambulance services in Plettenberg Bay closed, at which time Herman & Heidi acquired the Netcare agency and operated the Emergency Medical Care services for about 2 years before Micro Zone was sold, at which time the Netcare Ambulance Services agency for Plettenberg Bay was given to a local person : Warren Roman for free, which still exists today in the form of Baycare.


1. Herman & Heidi were Members of the Chamber of Commerce for more than 10 years, with Herman being one of it’s Chief Negotiators.

2. Herman was a member of the CPF (Community Police Forum) for more than 4 years.

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