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1. Commitment towards social responsibility All service providers involved on the Estate, have to commit to empowerment actions which are continuously supported by those service providers, The CannaClub & the management of the Estate.

2. Harvested rain water. All roofs are connected to secondary storage, triple-filtered, pumped to primary storage as needed and gravity fed all over the estate with Municipal primary feed as backup.

3. Several solar systems with Eskom primary feed. All water heating and cooking is gas based. Electricity use per unit is limited. No electric blankets, heaters, dishwashers or high power consumption devices allowed/required due to design parameters.

4. Black and grey water management with grey water recycling & conditioning.

5. Cape Yellow Wood Conservation area. Succulent & Aloe conservation area. Cycad conservation area. 

6. Continuous soil improvement by rotational grazing as provided by Green Herizon. No inorganic pest control.

7. Fullly organic Cannabis grow patch dedicated to The CannaClub called "The Garden with Weedin". This includes cover crop & companion planting. Nursery, Eco Indoor, composting, washing, drying, curing, processing & packaging areas as provided to The CannaClub. Permaculture garden as developed by The CannaClub.

8. In house training sessions as provided by Cheeba Cannabis Academy & The CannaClub.

9. Eco - wise construction. Recycling, repurposing and bartering.

10. Smart community based on energy exchange, caring & sharing as well as key service providers and affiliates.

11. Aquaponic self sustainability projects under development.

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