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a. Herman:
i. First got interested in the medicinal properties of African Natural herbs such as Cannabis after he experienced, first hand, and over many years, how many desolate people from all over South Africa were being healed by St Engenas Hospital and community on the ZCC community farm, of the Z.C.C. (Zion Christen Church) at Zion city, Morea, Limpopo Province - using mostly faith and traditional herbal teas consisting of Cannabis and some other herbs.

ii. Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane and Herman’s parents, (Hennie and Mercia) were good friends, business partners in cattle farming/ breeding and feedlots, and had neighbouring farms for over 20 years. Herman had met many ZCC devotees whom had decided to stay, and devote their lives to the St Helena Hospital community, and to ZCC, after having been saved, and cured from serious illnesses during this time. As a consequence Herman continues to bear witness to these remarkable, knowledgeable and consistent achievements that he himself had observe, and that has continued thereafter, and is still as inspirational and as successful today!

iii. During the last 10 years on the farm, both Hennie and Mercia got cancer one after the other. Towards the end it was clear that medicine was not working for his father. Local ZCC devotees urged us to use Cannabis tea many times. Herman’s own self-study of peer reviewed scientific evidence over some years clearly showed that natural medications such as Cannabis, is an effective treatment for cancer, but they relied on the best modern facilities/ knowledge and professionals....  After him, his mother followed the same route.

iv. Chemo didn’t work for either of them, but destroyed their health, quality of life, dignity and savings in the awful process. To be clear we are definitely not against true science, modern medicine and open deliberation, just against current conventional treatment options for some serious illnesses such as cancer/ diabetes and high blood pressure, as they simply do not work effectively enough. In fact from a holistic long term view, they much worsen many of the aspects concerned, in our opinion and personal experience.

v. Herman and his family have noticed many others suffer the same situation since, irrespective of race/ religion/ gender..... After being  diagnosed as at risk himself, due to the high occurrence of cancer/ high blood pressure, early deaths and diabetes in his family history, they started using medicinal Cannabis products extensively and in many forms.

vi. Ever since, they have seen and experienced its many benefits for over a decade, also in their own health. They believe that part of the solution to the crisis in modern health, is private self medicating with historically and scientifically proven plants and herbs – especially the overwhelmingly proven Cannabis plant.

b. Herries:
i. He had known that he wanted to be a farmer since early childhood and had been experimenting with animals and plants since he was a small boy. When he finished primary school he was already fully qualified as a reptile handler and breeder after having worked at the local reptile farm almost every weekend/ holiday for 3 years.

ii. After primary school he went to Bay College and obtained an international matric at 16. By this time he had been experimenting with hydroponic Cultivation extensively and had realized in order to be successful he was going to have to concentrate on small scale high value produce. Soon after he found that he has a true passion for growing Cannabis.

iii. He started working for GRRcc as the maintenance manager of the estate and was highly instrumental with the development of the estate. Through this he qualified himself extensively in carpentry, building, plumbing, irrigation, control etc. while continuously improving and expanding his grow skills.

iv. After he completed his 5 year contract, he decided to become a Yacht Master and to go see the world while he awaits the changes in the legal environment that would allow him to Cultivate Cannabis legally. He completed all the courses at Langebaan successfully at 21, and started working in Cape town harbour.

v. The successful Prince court case in 2018 was what he had been waiting for and he promptly returned whereupon he and his father founded The CannaClub and he continues with the development of Cultivation/ processing facilities and the automation & control thereof to this day.

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