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Top 7 Strains for Beginner Growers

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Certain strains have been graded on an “ease of growing” scale. The truth is that some strains are harder to grow than others, so they shouldn’t be a starting point for beginners.

By Cannabis News ZA - 17/12/2019

I’ve personally been growing for a few years now and at first, I found it rather challenging to get right. Over time I’ve learnt that the seed type and strain has a lot to do with the future challenges you may go through. So here are my top 7 strains for beginner growers.


Starting with a strain that’s low in THC and high in CBD is usually a good start for beginners. Especially if you aren’t a seasoned stoner, with a high CBD strain you won’t get too goofed while still feeling most of the effects of cannabis (and getting all the good stuff from it at the same time). Harlequin is routinely considered one of the best high CBD, low THC strains available.


Obviously if you’re a metalhead, this is a great strain for you. But like Harlequin, it’s also a high CBD, low THC strain that will help you relax and just slowly work your way into the marijuana using world. Many consider this strain to require an intermediate level of skill to grow properly, but beginners can get this one right quite easily too.

Jack Herer

Maybe you do want to try something a little higher in THC if you’re a bud consumer newer to growing. Jack Herer, named after one of the world’s leading cannabis activists, would be a good strain to begin with. With a moderate THC amount, it won’t set off some of the drug’s more potent side effects, like anxiety or paranoia. Due to its popularity, this is loved by growers of all skill levels.


Another moderate THC strain, Plushberry will ease you into the THC experience without giving you a too-powerful high. This indica dominant strain will leave you feeling calm and have your stress melt away.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a bit more powerful, so you won’t want to do too much of it on your first try. But it is known for being a very relaxing strain, so it is loved by those who are experiencing chronic pain or those who suffer from stress disorders.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is perhaps the most popular marijuana strain in America. It’s not an overly powerful strain but it is a mind high providing sativa, and it doesn’t have any unusual characteristics (such as a pungent smell) that might turn off first-time users.

White Widow

White Widow is a popular strain in The Netherlands as well as the United States. It’s a not-too-powerful high that delivers a clear energy in consumers. It’s also known to produce the “munchies,” which we’re sure is what you’re looking for. This also happens to be one of the easiest strains to grow.

Growing bud certainly isn’t easy, even when it comes to seeds that say they’re for beginners. It’s a tedious process, so it is still worth making sure that you are using seeds that have a higher chance of success while you’re still figuring it all out. Other than that, grab the right tools, get it going and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Peace, love & success

– Billy Bong

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