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In recent times we have been hearing about prominent stakeholders referring to ENCOD based Private Social Cannabis Clubs as

"Spanish Clubs" : From the Background / Legality / Model of Operation of The CannaClub page on the FAQ section, You will note that the model which The CannaClub  prescribes to, is based on three core principles.


The first is the current local Legislation.

  • In terms of the Con Court Ruling relating to private cultivation & consumption of Cannabis.

  • The right to freedom of association.

  • Stokvel / Communal Members Sharing

  • No transport, No buying or selling of Cannabis, and no online Members registration

  • No dealers / Franchises / Offsite Growers / Offsite Processors - All is done on one premises, by Members, for Members.

  • No secondary processing / extraction.


The second is our Social Responsibility, as required by the founding statements of our Constitution

  • Free Educational Sessions in the Garden with Weedin every Friday from 09:00 - 11:00, since 2019.

  • Educational Media Platforms, with regular updates since 2019. 

  • Empowerment partners, such as The Scissor Sisters, the House of Rastafari, and many others, as can be found on the website, since 2019.

  • Finally by providing free training to deserving candidates from deprived communities, through the CannaCademy & Cheeba Africa, when able to.


The third is the International Environment for Private Social Cannabis Clubs

  • In this space, ENCOD is the most prominent. Referring to ENCOD Models as Spanish Clubs, is derogatory, and based on the recent closing down of some such Clubs in Spain, according to our opinion. The true ENCOD history however is much wider, more appealing, and deserving of respect. The Spanish Clubs that were closed down were related to illegal substances and money laundering, not Cannabis.

  • Private Social Cannabis Clubs were founded in the U.S.A during prohibition as a method for Members to collectively cultivate & consume Cannabis legally. This went across to Europe where it was formulated as ENCOD (European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies - The European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies, originally European NGO Council On Drugs and development is a network of European non-governmental organisations concerned with the impact of current international drug policies on the lives of the most affected sectors in Europe and the Global South. Since 1994 ENCOD has been working to advocate more just and effective drug control policies, which include an integrated solution for all problems related to the global drugs phenomenon. In 2011, the Code of conduct for a European Cannabis Social Club was published, the basic structural rules of non-profit and transparency, that is used by more than 500 Private Social Cannabis Clubs in Spain, Belgium, Czech republic, United Kingdom, France etc.

  • The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op is not ENCOD registered, due to the specific uncertainties of the current South African legal environment, and the fact of the privacy judgment, decriminalising private cultivation & consumption, which is not the case in other countries.|

The CannaClub & Growers Co-Op is however ENCOD based (Not registered) since :

  • It is a Non Profit Organization, with no dealers, franchises, or offsite growers, with clear & rapid community development & transformation objectives. These limitations are an addition to those already described.


Critique about Advertising as an ENCOD based Private Social Cannabis Club :

 The CannaClub’s media platforms do not advertise any Cannabis product. It is an educational YouTube channel & Website focussing on Eco Wise Cannabis Cultivation & Cannabis Culture.  Finally our Constitution, and our future plans are all about Education such as the agreement we already have with Cheeba Africa. We obviously do have to advertise these efforts. ​

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